Gencarelli's Fireplace

Fabbrication of Fireplaces and wood boiler and multi-fuel.

Warm up your house with a Gencarelli's fireplace to discover the old sensations of the crackling of the fire, giving high performances and cheaper expeses. Gencarelli's fireplaces can warm p alll of your house. Gencarelli's fireplaces can be installed on the old fireplace or wherever is instaled a flue, it can be connected to the heating system, so it can replace the old boiler. In addition to this, Gencarelli's fireplaces offer the same qualities of a normal fireplace, starting from embers to cook, using the practical electric rotisserie to cook your roast in a fast, classical and natural way. Gencarelli's fireplaces provide a great energetic saving respecting the nature, using a renewable energy like the wood. The tranquillizing heat widespread by the fire transforms your house athmosphere, provides autonomy and energetic save and turns the cold season into a magic one.

Gencarelli's fireplaces provides plenty hot water for domestic use tanks to the new system of resistence built in finned copper that provides high thermical performance. Gencarelli's fireplaces are wonderful home furnishings too.